Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Career reboot?

Hi everyone. I know I've dropped off the face of the earth for several months. 2014 was a trainwreck and 2015 is flying by at a break-neck pace. So what have I been up to, other than neglecting my writing career? Let's see...

- Cancer companion for one of my dearest friends
- Travel baseball team general manager
- Acquiring a full time EDJ because one of my publishers totally fell apart
- and as of March 2015-- house hunting

Geez, I need a vacation just reading that list. But here are my silver linings:

-My beautiful friend is in remission and more bad ass than ever!
- My son is flourishing in travel baseball and it's been an adventure being part owner of a team
- The EDJ isn't quite so evil because I work with are honestly the NICEST, most polite people on the planet and they've encouraged me to use my pretty nifty brain to pursue a career in pharmacology
- I have a new publisher that is the bomb: Kensington Press

I am now, however, in the midst of a panic attack because DESIRE releases May 12th and I've done nothing...NOTHING to promote it. This book matters so much to me. I want it to be successful in a way that none of my other books have been. But how to do right by it and my publisher when I've pretty much disappeared from the romance writing scene?

Is it possible to reboot a writing career after months of neglect? Has anyone out there been through the same thing? Any and all advice is welcome.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The K.I.S.S. rule

Wow did this summer fly by and unfortunately it wasn't as much fun as I had hoped. The nice thing about the change of seasons is the change of mood as well. I've always loved fall, it makes me feel at peace, though I'm not sure why. Could be the beautiful silence that surrounds me from 730am to 330pm *grin*. I've decided to devote this time to myself. After all, I deserve it. I've also decided to simplify my whole approach to my writing career.

I can't wait to get back to writing and promo basics. I've been a bit overwhelmed by the plans I made for this year--especially by the fact that I can't seem to stick to any of them--so I'm going to follow the best advice my father ever gave me: KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID. Not that my father ever called me stupid, but he did ask me once, when I was in a similar situation (I tend to overcomplicate things on a regular basis) if I'd ever heard of the "K.I.S.S." rule. Of course I hadn't. He then told me what the acronym stood for. Gotta love that military jargon. It really does apply so often in life. Blog a little, write a couple hours a day, post about blogging and writing. Rinse and repeat as necessary. It really is that simple...it's fighting off the urge to make things more complex that is hard. Wish me luck!


Monday, August 4, 2014

#CoverReveal - ASCENSION by A.S. Fenichel


Book One

The Demon Hunters


A.S. Fenichel


Genre: Paranormal Historical Romance


Publisher: Lyrical Press/Kensington Publishing


Date of Publication: October 6, 2014


ISBN: 978-1-61650-559-2



Number of pages: 330 Est.

Word Count: 86,500


Cover Artist: April Martinez



Kensington Publishing Corp. Other booksellers to follow



Book Description:




The Demon Hunters, #1


When demons threaten London, Lady Belinda answers the call. 


Lord Gabriel Thurston returns home from war to find his fiancée is not the sweet young girl he left behind. She’s grown into a mysterious woman who guards her dark secrets well. When he sees her sneaking away from a ball, he’s convinced it’s for a lover’s rendezvous. Following her to London’s slums, Gabriel watches in horror as his fiancée ruthlessly slays a man. 


Lady Belinda Carlisle’s only concern was her dress for the next ball—until demons nearly killed her and changed everything. A lady by day, and a demon hunter by night, she knows where her duty lies. Ending her betrothal is the best way to protect Gabriel from death by a demon’s hand. 


Gabriel soon realizes, like him, Belinda has been fighting for her country. He joins in the fight, determined to show her that their love can endure, stronger than ever. 


About the Author:


A.S. Fenichel gave up a successful career in New York City to follow her husband to Texas and pursue her lifelong dream of being a professional writer. She’s never looked back.


A.S. adores writing stories filled with love, passion, desire, magic and maybe a little mayhem tossed in for good measure. Books have always been her perfect escape and she still relishes diving into one and staying up all night to finish a good story.


Multi-published in erotic paranormal, contemporary and historical romance, A.S. is the author of the Mayan Destiny series, Christmas Bliss and many more. With several books currently contracted to multiple publishers, A.S. will be bringing you her brand of romance for many years to come.


Originally from New York, she grew up in New Jersey, and now lives in the East Texas with her real life hero, her wonderful husband. When not reading or writing she enjoys cooking, travel, history, and puttering in her garden.












Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#CoverReveal FINDING JULIA by Desiree Holt

Cover Reveal Today!
On July 29 FINDING JULIA will be available for preorder. Watch for the links. This is Desiree Holt’s first book for Kensington Publishing’s Lyrical Imprint and I’m helping her get the word out. She has also signed a contract for a football series and is well into the first draft of Book One: Forward Pass. Hooray!
Get a taste of FINDING JULIA here: http://bit.ly/1rMi7c5
Finding Julia